As I’ve grown into being a father, I’ve quickly learned that getting my daughter to eat veggies and healthy foods can be an uphill battle depending on the day. Now if it’s a donut or gummy bears, she’ll eat those right up! But a well-rounded dinner? If she’s not in the “mood” it can make for a long night. As silly as it sounds, I get a small thrill when I can substitute unhealthy foods alternatively for healthy foods and she’ll actually eat it. One of my daughter’s favorite things to eat is pizza… what child doesn’t love that? A pizza here and there isn’t horrible, but when my stubborn child demands she wants pizza and only pizza every night this can present a problem. One night I found myself googling “healthy pizza.” I found a recipe where you can make bread crust out of riced cauliflower! Add a few spices, egg, sauce, and veggies and voila! There you have it. As long as it looks like a pizza your child won’t even question it. At least, mine didn’t! Dropping the link below so you can make this delicious recipe yourself. It’s fast, easy, and you won’t feel guilty about it.

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