Many people struggle with fertility issues and deciding on surrogacy can be a tough choice to make. Even harder is finding the right surrogate.

A woman took to Reddit explaining she and her husband decided to ask a friend of a friend to carry their child.

Everything was going good until the woman's husband, Hunter, started to act "strange."

The woman started to notice her husband becoming fixated on the surrogate.

"I've noticed that he's been focusing all his attention on our surrogate like skipping work to visit her or get her things she didn't ask for," she wrote via Reddit. "He chats with her all the time on social media and also constantly offers to do things for her like... drive her places and sometimes even invite her out or offer to repair stuff for her."

The woman added the surrogate mentioned to her she thought Hunter was going a little overboard.

"She complained to me about this and even told me about things he's been doing that I didn't even know about, like bringing her gifts."

Felipe Salgado via Unsplash
Felipe Salgado via Unsplash

The frustrated wife confronted her husband about the attention he's been giving the surrogate, but he accused her "of being jealous."

She noted she even told him the surrogate had complained, but he didn't believe her.

The situation boiled over when the woman's husband showed up unannounced to the surrogate's house with a lavish gift.

"Our surrogate called me saying that Hunter came over and told her guests to leave," the woman explained. "I asked why and she said that he wanted to show her the 9K car he bought for her."

The woman continued: "I was shocked, she said she declined the car and asked him to leave but he started arguing with her about using public transportation and risking our baby's wellbeing."

The woman immediately called her husband and told him he was "overstepping, disrespectful, and inappropriate" towards the surrogate but he argued he wanted to just ensure the baby's safety.

"I told him to stop disrespecting the woman and stop using the baby as an excuse to stomp all over her boundaries," she said, adding "he even accused me of not loving our son as much as he does."

Users were quick to comment, noting Hunter's behavior was a "red flag" and questioning why he was giving the surrogate so much attention, calling him "obsessive."

"At first I thought he was just being overly nice to the woman carrying his child. Then it got super creepy lol," a user wrote, while another commented: "His behavior is upsetting and inappropriate. That said, I hope it's down to him navigating the emotional and psychological minefield of dealing with an unusual situation of trusting a third party with your unborn child must be tough."

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