The City of Nampa recently announced their plans to build a new dog park.

I didn’t know there was such controversy around this topic in the Treasure Valley, but there are people on both sides who feel very passionately about having dog parks or not having dog parks.

Ultimately, the City of Nampa decided to proceed with this $2+ million project and they feel as though it is a great thing for the community.

It is my understanding that Nampa already has one other dog park and it’s been a total hit, so I’m assuming this new one will attract people too, just in West Nampa, especially if it’s a modern design with some new awesome features for the patrons and the dogs.

The park will be just off of Smith Ave between Middleton and Midway (see photos below), and according to KTVB 7, who first broke the story, the “park will be located on a 9.5-acre site” and is “expected to open in Summer of 2023.”

They also reported, “Park features will include paved walking trails, a parking lot, misting water stations, open greenspace, a dog exercise area and a separate area for small dogs.”

So, how are we feelin’ Nampa? Are we excited about this new dog park? I’ve heard lots of different opinions, and I’ll link to some listener insight below—and in the spirit of yesterday being National Puppy Day, I’ll also link to the available puppies at the West Valley Humane Society :)

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