Recently, Idaho's governor signed a bill that would allow family members to sue a doctor if they perform an abortion in the state of Idaho.

Needless to say, Idahoans are extremely passionate on this issue on all sides.

There's one group of people, however, who are absolutely irate about Idaho's new abortion bill: Twitter users.

If you're not familiar, folks on Twitter are not the type you want to anger. They'll let you know. Quickly, and directly.

Let's take to Twitter to see what people have to say about Idaho's divisive new rule:


Robert is feeling like Idaho is taking a step back in time:


Will was able to put it very plainly how a lot of people are feeling:


This user has an idea on how to combat the newly signed bill:


People are definitely upset, but some aren't letting the new abortion ruling change how they feel about the Gem State:


How are you feeling about this move? Let's connect on Facebook and discuss.

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