Many people typically look forward to going on vacation. However, one woman is dreading her upcoming time away with her family after her husband booked a series of "depressing" vacations without consulting her first.

On Mumsnet, the woman vented that her husband loves architecturally interesting buildings, and therefore prefers Landmark Trust vacations. The Landmark Trust is a British building conservation charity that rescues buildings of historic or architectural value, and then makes them available for vacation rental.

"The Landmark Trust is his go-to place for family holidays. So far, we've been on about 15 of them. They are popular, and so they book up quickly. But he told me the other day (our wedding anniversary in fact...) that he's booked 5 holidays up to the end of 2023, all at Landmark properties!" she wrote via parenting forum Mumsnet.

The woman explained she's not impressed with her husband's choices as she finds going on the same vacations over and over "depressing and formulaic."

"Plus, they are not necessarily in great locations — it is about the building rather than the location — so you end up pottering around a relatively unremarkable part of the UK," she continued, adding she enjoys "a few creature comforts on holiday

"Embarrassed to say I quite like a washing machine. The children get covered in mud and I spend my holiday hand washing their clothes at a Landmark.... The cooking facilities are ok, but we seem to spend every holiday not eating out either ... so I am cooking all holiday too," the woman added.

She noted there are usually no "soft carpets or luxurious blankets" either, so she has to remember to bring "thermals and slippers."

The woman added her husband feels like she should be "grateful" that he books the vacations for them, but she ultimately finds it "demoralizing and depressing" and ends up dreading going away.

In the comments section, users supported her sentiment, with many telling her she needs to tell her husband she's unhappy with him booking their vacations without asking for her input first.

"Firstly, I'd suggest you set your expectations for these ones. You're not doing the washing and cooking and either he does it or you have meals out. Secondly, tell him to stop booking holidays without your agreement because you'd like to pick somewhere. Thirdly, can you go somewhere a bit more exotic like go and see the pyramids or the Colosseum?" one person wrote.

"Wow. It's pretty selfish really. What sort of holiday would you like to do? If [you] can cancel any of the things he's booked he should replace at least one with one you want. You really need to put your foot down ... otherwise he'll keep doing it," another commented.

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