On Reddit, a woman is concerned that her boyfriend is scamming her after he requested a hefty loan to supposedly help cover his child's medical expenses.

The woman and her boyfriend have only been dating for three months. He is a single dad of two boys, neither of whom she has met yet.

"He says it's early for his kids to meet me. It's for their mental health, and I respect that. I do send them (a bit costly) gifts every weekend, and my boyfriend assured me that he will tell them eventually where these gifts are coming from," the woman wrote on Reddit.

She recently became concerned when she didn't hear from him for a week. When he finally contacted her, he told her his son had an accident and required surgery.

"I felt bad for him, I [can] afford to visit, but he said there was no need for me to do this. He later called me saying he was busy all day trying to come up with the money to pay for his son's surgery," she shared, explaining he eventually asked if she could lend him $5,000 to help pay for the procedure.

The woman was caught off guard.

"He said it's fine if I don't feel comfortable but then started bringing it up saying he's in dire need of help and the surgery needed to happen next week under doctors' recommendation," she explained, adding that at first, her boyfriend seemed embarrassed to make such a big request — until he got more pushy.

"I started feeling pressured, but he promised that he'll have me meet his son and other son right after he gets done with the surgery, which is great but again, the money is a lot," she shared, revealing she ultimately refused to lend the money.

However, when the man didn't get what he wanted, he became upset and told her she was "cruel" and didn't care about his kids.

"I'm still refusing to pay, but a friend of mine says I should do it and have some sort of contract in place to ensure I get the money back," the woman wrote.

In an update, she added the man sent her an alleged photo of his child's arm hooked up to an IV, and she was "pretty certain it's real."

"But I've been thinking of doing a surprise visit to the hospital or ask around to see if his story was valid. Still refusing to pay," she noted.

In the comments section, Reddit users supported her and agreed that something about the man's story sounds suspicious.

"Honestly... seems like you are being scammed. Don't pay. Did he [say] what exactly is the health problem, and what is the surgery?" one user wrote.

"I'm all for the benefit of the doubt but three months in does not warrant expensive gifts for children I have not met or $5k for a surgery on one of [the] said children," another commented.

"This is a scam. You have never met the kids. You don't have proof they exist. He sent you a picture of an arm with an IV that could be anyone's. After you said no, he started emotionally blackmailing you," another person commented.

"You are also sending gifts to these kids every week?? This whole post is one red flag after another. You send him that money, and you will never see it or him again," someone else warned.

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