It has happened. It is official. There's a new world record and it was set on the one and only blue turf of Albertson's Stadium.

I wish I could say it was the most NCAA football wins in the history of ever...or the largest amount of points ever scored against another team. However, the record was set by what some would call a "unique" sport.

It took 99 people, a whole lot of bubbles, and just one soccer ball. The record? The worlds largest game of bubble soccer!

Because of the rules outlined by the Guinness World Records Commission, only 50 participants were needed to create this new category. Each of the 99 participants that were present were required to play an entire game, for 30-minutes. This event was organized by ClickFunnels, an organization behind several viral videos on YouTube.

For a video of the action, check out the recap below.


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