Build your own Albertson's Stadium... Complete with the blue field and all!

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This is for the Boise State fans who have a little time on their hands and want to build something cool. You may have known this existed, you may not have, but you absolutely should know about it. No, it's not 'LEGO' brand, but that's okay, it's still pretty awesome. I spotted this gem as an ad when I was scrolling through Facebook the other day, and it got me. This, by the way, is not a paid ad. This is just a guy sharing something awesome for the BSU fan in your life who has a little time to think and prepare mentally between now and next season, because, well, let's be honest...

Anyway, I digress. This buildable Albertson's Stadium can be found on the site Here's how they've got it listed: "Who said you can only enjoy the awesomeness of the stadium on gameday? Build some home field advantage with this Boise State Broncos BRXLZ Stadium, and enjoy the beauty of your stadium whenever you want." It's got everything, too! Beyond the blue field, you've got the press box, the score board, the 30,000+ seats, I mean, it really is all encompassing and it's something that any Boise State fan would absolutely love. You could have pretend games where they have perfect seasons, win all the games (even the college championships, you make your own bowl games, I mean your imagination is the only limitation you've got. Have fun!

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