Do you smell what the "Rock" is cookin!!!!!!!! That's actually the only wrestling phrase I know. We go through different eras in history that come to the peak of popularity and then to something else. Baseball, boxing, and football are just a few sports that had their hallmark moments. You might hear a grandparent talk about the Babe Ruth or an uncle remember all those under one-minute boxing matches with Mike Tyson. Life is a trending story. Just watch CNN's specials like the 80's. I've always said they're just mature versions of VH1's "I love the 90's."

We LOVE to watch history more than sitting in class reading about it. WWF (now WWE) was one of those sports that captivated audiences back in the 80's and early 90's. Is it real? Is it fake? WWE Live will take over the Taco Bell Arena on Saturday and if you ask any of those thousands of fans - It's the most real thing in the world. You can even look back at 20/20's David Shultz get open hand slapped by John Stossel back in the 80's. This was then covered by a Barbara Walter's special in which David says he suffered permanent hearing loss.

Let's just say I don't plan on asking any boxer, UFC fighter or WWE questions in person period. My son loves Moana and Dwayne Johnson is the only one I'd walk up to. If you've ever been to a wrestling event is far from fake in my opinion. These wrestling events are entertainment, period! Fans get caught up in storylines and my wife is addicted to WWE Divas's reality show. These men and women are athletic beasts and it takes more than just some stupid storyline. The other thing that keeps wrestling at the forefront of pop culture - they LOVE their fans! More importantly, they will be here with their fans on Saturday, September 30 at Taco Bell Arena. Win tickets on-air with us all week including floor seats to be up close and almost in the ring.

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