It seems like just yesterday that Boise heard Ludacris was coming to the Treasure Valley--no, not for Boise Music Festival--for a random concert date. We can remember the announcement going live and music fans going absolutely crazy for the hip hop show.

Then, it didn't happen.

A random person called our radio station and said "hey, that Ludacris concert that Boise is talking about isn't happening--spread the word". After cross checking with our sources on the record label side--the guy was legit and it was true--the Ludacris concert that was announced for Boise really didn't have the financial backing and wasn't going to happen.

Boise was IRATE.

Boise Music Festival event organizers have never forgotten just how much the fans loved Ludacris and wanted to see him and all of these years later, he is finally available on June 24th! Now, it's official.

Let's reiterate that: Ludacris WILL be in Boise on Saturday, June 24th.

We know that Boise is more than ready to see Ludacris on the Main Stage of Boise Music Festival-- expect him to take the stage around 8:20 p.m. on Saturday, June 24th and be ready to GET LOW!

Don't forget--there's going to be a giveaway for a free car at Boise Music Festival on Saturday, June 24th! Here's a look at what you could win from Combs Car Corral! 

A Look At The Free Car You Could Win at Boise Music Festival

Not long ago, Ludacris was honored in Hollywood with his very own star on the Walk of Fame:

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Hollywood was buzzing a little extra as everyone's favorite--Ludacris--was added to the Hollywood Walk of Fame!

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