As the temperatures continue to rise and winter slowly says goodbye to the Treasure Valley, a different kind of life seems to be returning to the city. There's a vibe, an energy, a kind of feel that suggests we're all about to start having a whole lot of fun again.

A group of Boise bars are once again hoping to speed that process up by asking to you to please, not wear pants.

It's the 12th annual 'No Pants Party' and it's taking place in downtown Boise this Saturday, March 16th. The occasion? One of America's greatest drinking holidays: St. Patrick's Day.

The four bars included in the 'crawl' are StrangeLove, Karma, Dirty Little Roddy's, and Amsterdam Lounge. It will cost you to get into the bars--but not as much if you leave your pants at home.

Wear anything besides pants and get into the party (which is being held at all four bars, all night long) for just $10. Wear pants? It's going to cost you $15.

Don't be the guy (or gal) with pants on. Live a little!

The party kicks off as soon as the bars open in downtown Boise and will run until they kick everyone out at 2:00 a.m.

Learn more about the party from StrangeLove Nightclub's post, below:




Lock your tickets in, HERE.

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