It seems as of every other day we get another piece of data that makes our great city more desirable. Well, here is yet another reason to move to Boise. But first consider this, you've worked hard all year to save up for this amazing vacation in Hawaii. It's winter in Idaho and you can't wait to bask in the sunshine, you picture your toes in the sand, you can see your skin glistening in the sun from the suntan lotion, you can almost taste that blue drink with the little umbrella in it. You can't wait for the traditional luau's, the sunsets ,the comforting humidity in the air, the 80 degree temperatures and the occasional rain storms that stick around just long enough to cool you off before you go back to enjoying the vacation that you wish would never end. All of that sounds amazing but in most cities the reality of the situation is getting to Hawaii or anywhere is an ordeal due to delayed flights. It's gotten so bad that there are now several businesses dedicated to rating airports and their on-time performance review. The good news is that once again  Boise has proven to be amongst the best airports in the world. Go ahead and book that vacation cause according to Cirium you're in good hands at Gowen Field. See below.

Among medium-size airports, Kaohsiung International Airport (KHH) in Taiwan took the top honors. Despite only operating from one runway, Taiwan’s second-largest airport kept congestion to a minimum. The only U.S. airport in the top 10 was in Idaho — Boise Air Terminal at Gowen Field (BOI).

Cirium data on the most on-time medium-size airports in 2019. (Graphic courtesy Cirium)


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