If I were to come over your house to watch a Boise State game, would I find a really cool room of Idaho memorabilia? Maybe that's the theme for your dining room, den, Man Cave or She Shed!

Whichever room of the house it is, imagine how cool this would look hanging on the wall! According to KTVB, the Idaho Transportation Department has replaced the 'Welcome to Idaho' sign located on US-93 at the Idaho-Nevada border near Jackpot. No one's quite sure where the tradition began, but it's a popular spot for tourists to pull out, slap a sticker on the sign and take photos as they enter the Gem State.

Unfortunately, over the years the layers of stickers became so deep that they didn't have much of a choice but to replace it with a new sign years before a replacement was due. That replacement is now up and has stayed sticker free, thanks to one ITD technician that had the idea of putting up a second sign shaped like Idaho next to it. When the Idaho-shaped sign went up, they slapped a couple stickers on it to show people that this is where the stickers go. People seem to have caught on.

So what's happening to the old sign? Well, it's up for auction for you to take home! You can bid on it by clicking HERE through September 26. At the time that we wrote this article the high bid was $1580. Bids must increase in increments of $25.

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