Boise State football is back and after a blowout loss over the weekend, it's easy to tell that the local fanbase is conflicted.

No, we aren't being dramatic. It just so happens that Boise State fans are dramatic and we hate to say it, but the fan base from time to time does get a little fickle. Let's first explain some context. Over the last decade or two, Boise State has one of the very best at-home winning percentages and overall winning percentages in all of college football. The team has statistics that stack up against major programs like Alabama, Ohio State, and more.

So what's the big deal? The majority of the stats carrying these figures are from years ago. Boise State football isn't what it once was.  It's important for us to note that neither is college football-- with conference realignment and the notorious transfer portal, things just aren't the same and that's ok.

So what the deal with Boise State fans? This fan base is enthusiastic and they have major expectations--and by this, it means they expect to lose a total of 0 games and win more Fiesta Bowls. A loss or two always has Boise State fans, or at least a seemingly vocal majority, complaining about something or blaming someone.

Will fans show up for the home opener against UCF? Athletic officials are certainly hoping so.

While tickets are still available to the game, they aren't cheap. Some are indeed resale tickets, but they're going for about $200 each (that's for prime seats). End Zone seats are floating around $90 each and upper bowl seats are over $100 each. These prices are more than just about any concert that has been through town as of late. Boise State's athletic director says it's necessary.

Will fans "sell out" the blue? And if all seats are sold, but not all seats have people in them, does that still count? Expect an enthusiastic Boise State fan base on Saturday--we just hope they fill the place up and get LOUD.

Purchase your tickets to the game, HERE.

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