Beer is one of my favorite things in the whole world-- so that said, I can't help but be more than ready to celebrate National Drink A Beer Day.

As I'm writing this, I have all of about 75 minutes until I need to get on the radio (meaning a beer right now could be a terrible idea), but once I'm off the air it is time to celebrate!  I did a little research on celebrating beer all across the country and learned that even despite the increasing number of breweries popping up all across the Treasure Valley, Idaho is a ways down the list for beer loving states. According to the Craft Brewers Association, Idaho ranks 23rd out of 50 for states that prefer beer as their alcoholic beverage of choice.

Though we don't rank too high on preference of beer, several businesses all across the Treasure Valley rank amongst MY favorite places to grab a beer. As of late, Prost right downtown has become one of my favorite destinations. The communal bench seating with picnic style tables are very unique. My first time going I thought the arrangement was a little "too comfortable" with everyone else in the bar, but in true German fashion I've never left without having met new friends.

If craft beer sounds good tonight don't forget you can join me at Varsity Pub on Fairview and Eagle in Meridian! Two for one draft beers will make for a great National Drink A Beer Day special. Of course, getting in for that free cruise to Mexico could be fun, too!

For more on the trip, click HERE.

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