It's a big day today in the Treasure Valley! It's Election Day!

I make no secret of my love for not only politics as a big picture item, but for our ABILITY and our RIGHT to even care and have a voice! We're lucky to live where we do and while our nation is far from perfect, to many it's simply a dream that we shouldn't take for granted. All of this said, I really hope that if you didn't already Early Vote like I did a couple of weeks ago, you'll be making your way to your respective polling place before the end of the day!

While the polls will be seeing thousands of us from across the Treasure Valley today, you get a really cool "I Voted" sticker once you cast your ballot. These things have been the same for YEARS and Idaho is looking for some fresh ideas to honor the 100 year anniversary of women's suffrage.

This is where you step up, designers, artists, and political aficionados!

With a Presidential Election on the way in 2020, Idaho is hoping to have some flashy new stickers to give voters once they cast their ballot NEXT November and the contest for the best is now open. Anyone that is an Idaho resent can submit their design--this could be your chance to have your work not only seen but WORN all over the State of Idaho!

Those who are organizing this contest are asking that the sticker designs must relate to voting or women's suffrage. Get to work, though-- the deadline is November 24th and a winner will be announced in early December!

For more, click HERE.

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