The Treasure Valley has literally thousands of things to do in the summer to keep you and  your family entertained.

Eastern Idaho is no slouch though!

Don't get me wrong, I love Boise and the entire Treasure Valley. I've lived here a year now, and have barely scratched the surface of all that Boise has to offer. If you're a native, maybe you're looking for something new. Perhaps Table Rock or the Greenbelt don't do it for you anymore. Head east, and see what's up!

Here's just a few reasons to take a few days to visit eastern Idaho. It would take us too long to list everything, but this list is a solid start.


Yellowstone National Park

Not far at all from easter Idaho, Yellowstone is some of the best Mother Nature has to offer on the entire planet. If you enjoy the foothills in Boise, imagine them on steroids. That's what Yellowstone is like.


Idaho Potato Museum

Yes, it's a real thing. We're aware that Idaho is more than just potatoes, and it tends to be the punchline to almost every Idaho joke, but why not learn a little about Idaho's heritage? Hit this place up if you ever make it to Blackfoot.


Idaho Falls

Snake River is an incredible site to see. Still haven't been? Put this on your list!


Yellowstone Bear World

Want to bottle feed bear cubs? Check out bears in their natural habitat? Ride some rides? Scoop up some homemade fudge? Yellowstone Bear World is definitely a place to check out at least once.

Any places we missed? Drop a quick comment and let us know, and happy traveling!


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