Child Abuse is a cycle that can be unforgiving if you can't find a way to break that cycle. I just met another amazing woman with a story that you might be able to relate to. Be careful before you judge someone you don't know. 

It Shouldn't Hurt to be a Child

I was working on my blogs, Instagram postings, and all that digital stuff inside at Village Coffee when I met another amazing woman. She said she's been wanting to come talk to me for ten years. I could see how hard it was because she was shaking and struggled to make eye contact. I jumped up to greet her because I could tell and to make it easier on her. She didn't need to say anything. I can't imagine what type of heart it must take to divulge your darkest secrets to someone you don't even know. She is my hero.

I'm not going to post her photo or say a name. I just wanted to share a few things. Abuse happens in the darkest places and there's no prejudice to WHO is happens. Have you ever heard of not judging someone, never judge a book by its cover, and don't judge till you walk in their shoes. That's not just a phrase or silly saying. That's a fact. She introduced herself, talked about how long she's wanted to have this conversation, and began to unload. Here' what I remember the most.

Husband's reaction: She told her boyfriend at the time of her molestation and abusive past. She knew that it was important to let him know no matter what the consequence would have been. She told me with tears rolling down her face that she was worried he might walk and look at her differently. His reaction was priceless, "Yes, I do look at you completely different now......I love you more now that I ever thought I could love a person before." I think her reaction was something like, "Kekeluv, then I knew this man was a keeper!" That was obvious because kids and rings later - they're happily married. GREAT man.

Mean Girl in High School: This is the one I love and not because the endings are always happy. I always say that you never know what happened to someone before they arrived at work or walked into school. This woman also talked about her not so best moment. She knew a girl in school and really tagged her as the mean, stuck up girl in class. It's very interesting when it comes to behaviors right? This girl wasn't a mean girl at all. She found out that her high school friend was being molested as well. Both girls were going through the exact same thing. Sad story.

We don't know why these things happen to us or to the people we love. All we can do is be there and have compassion. Try to not always go to the worst case scenario and more ask them if everything is okay.

If you're a victim of abuse or know someone that needs assistance, please follow the link below for resources to help assist you.

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