As the weather has improved, we're starting to see much more sun and temperatures are rising, I'm convinced that Cuffing Season is coming to an end.  Don't know what Cuffing Season is? Well, first of all, it's real. But you can read about it in my blog from early fall, HERE.

Long explanation short, Cuffing Season occurs at the same time as late Fall and through winter and entails of people wanting to be in relationships that they normally didn't want earlier in the year.  My theory is, winter is just a holiday-filled, warm feelings, "cuddle heavy" season.  I abstained from dates during cuffing season for that reason. I feel like relationships that start in Cuffing Season will struggle through the warmer months (there is no scientific evidence to back my claim). NOW, for my story.

I went on a couple of dates with a girl that I met out one weekend recently and they both went really well.  We had a lot in common, there wasn't any awkward moments, and it seemed we both enjoyed ourselves.  Since I met her out, we weren't connected on any social media platforms, so once I found myself thinking another date was in order, I went creeping (no shame) on social media.

Did I find her? Yes. Was it all normal? Yes. Until I found Twitter.

I found her twitter account and there were a series of tweets about the "boy" in her life.  I thought to myself, WOW I hope that isn't me?? It can't be.  I asked some friends, they agreed.

The next day I went to show Chris Cruise here at work and there were MORE tweets, this time mentioning the guys name!!  SO. The guy she was tweeting about was definitely not me...I was right there.  But she's definitely got a boyfriend.  I texted a simple "whats up" to see if it was recent.  She replied like usual, agreed we should go on another date...nothing adds up!

It's been two days and I guess you could say I'm guilty of ghosting. What would you do if you were me!?

Should I just ghost my way out? Text and ask about the tweets?  I've never ran into this before.

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