The Super Bowl was all about a shirtless Adam Levine, lame game, shirtless Adam Levine, boring game, shirtless Mr. Levine, when will some score mentality, to the, "Did Tom Brady and that guy just kiss?

The Big Game delivered every BUT an exciting game. Idahoans didn't have very much to go for in this game but we got a show fo sho! There was one point that I said, "What is this the Chippendale's? The Maroon 5 performance was maybe "Meh" until the shirt went off. That's when I can only imagine that women across the globe suddenly became interested.

We've been waiting for Maroon 5 to come back to Boise but DAMN Adam! I felt like putting down that pizza and running to the gym immediately hoping to catch the last moments on the treadmill tv. Dude was a rock! Then we had the kiss 💋

I'm not sure what happened here but man who cares. Tom Brady is over 40 and just won his 6th Super Bowl. Critics can take that trophy and...(psssst I'm not a Patriots fan.) I love the underdog and also the fact we just witnessed history. What else is there? Who are these Patriots? Tom is a very proud dad and I found some very telling photos that show you exactly where true priority is.

Enjoy some of these never before seen photos and hope that you might enjoy the tender moments. The Super Bowl is an event and hopefully, some of our teams make it to the final game. If we don't have that then at least we hope for a great halftime show right? If all that falls through we at least have the moments right?


Photo by: Kekeluv
Photo by: Kekeluv

I can't believe our little Lennox is only weeks old in that photo. I'm pretty sure they dominated that game and it was the next year that 👎He was so tiny. You can go back to those moments, those performances or the year your team went. I've been a Texans and Cowboys fan because I'm originally from Texas. I was in the Navy and migrated to Seattle for the military then to school for a total of about 7 years. That makes me a Seahawks fan. I've lived up here in the Northwest ever since and I claim the Denver Broncos too.

In the end it's about the experience of something happening and I was fortunate enough to hang with the family and friends. Nothing very exciting except watching Tom Brady do the impossible and shutting down his critics. I love watching teams win because it's something so very envious of people that work together. I wish our own teams could learn that key ingredient because once you've got it - nobody can touch you.

Here are a few moments that might touch you, get you excited and make you like the Patriots players. If anything you'll love these never before photos of Adam Levine!

Super Bowl 2019 Photos


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