It's no secret that Governor Little and Lt. Governor McGeachin don't see eye to eye and from time to time they have had a spat or two but this most recent episode is next level. Apparently while Little was away on business McGeachin issued and executive order  "to protect the rights and liberties of individuals and businesses by prohibiting the state and its political subdivisions — including public schools — from imposing mask mandates in our state" without discussing it with Little. Politics aside is this just a low blow? Is this a bad look for the Governors office ? Should these two be working together instead of in spite of each other?

KTVB received the following statement from Littles office after the executive order was issued by McGeachin:

"Governor Little has been out of state this week collaborating with other Republican governors, and the Lt. Governor did not make Governor Little aware of her executive order ahead of time. He is expected to return to Idaho tonight. The Governor's Office is reviewing the Lt. Governor's executive order. Governor Little has never put in place a statewide mask mandate. Throughout the pandemic, Governor Little has been committed to protecting the health and safety of the people of Idaho and has emphasized the importance of Idahoans choosing to protect our neighbors and loved ones and keeping our economy and schools open. Idahoans value local control and the local approach to addressing important issues. An expanded statement from the Governor's Office on the Lt. Governor's executive order will be made available after a more thorough review of this executive action."

McGeachin responded by saying that she is well aware that the Governor could  reverse her order when he returns. “It’s possible,” she said, “but I am just going to remain hopeful that the governor sees the value in this.”

Does this whole thing seem PETTY? Why go through all of that drama to get something done that can be reversed immediately? Is it to simply to get under Little's skin? Is this whole thing childish? What are your thoughts?


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