I grew up in Pocatello, and while I love the area for a lot of reasons, I also know the kind of crime that exists there – and there’s just no denying that. No city on the planet is completely free from crime, but I personally feel like Boise comes pretty dang close, especially when being compared to Pocatello — it's one of the main reasons so many people are moving here!

However, MoneyGeek, a massive financial advising company seems to think otherwise. They compiled a list (last updated on 01/31/2022) of The Safest Town in Every State … and Pocatello is on that list as the safest town for the state of Idaho.

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Their website says, “To quantify the cost of crime in smaller cities and towns, MoneyGeek analyzed crime data and calculated the cost of crime in each place. We included data on violent crimes — such as murder, rape, and aggravated assault — and property crimes — such as burglaries and car theft. Though property crimes are much more common, violent crimes are more costly.”

There are no other Idaho cities on the list – it’s just that MoneyGeek is claiming Pocatello to be the safest city in all of Idaho. Do you believe Pocatello is the safest city in Idaho? Yeah, me either. Just a quick Google search of “the safest cities in Idaho” and you will quickly see that Pocatello isn’t on any of these dozens, if not hundreds, of lists.

According to backgroundchecks.org, Rexburg is the safest city in Idaho, and plenty of Treasure Valley cities made the list, too; Meridian, Caldwell, Boise, Nampa etc. … all BEFORE Pocatello — and that makes much more sense to me :)

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