Gas prices are up in 2022. Way up. With housing costs in the Gem State, it's more of the same. Now, we're taking a big hit in the wallet at the grocery store as well.

If it feels like you're getting less and less for more money each time you knock out your grocery list, you are hallucinating. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, food prices in the U.S. have risen over 10% in the past 365 days. If you're looking at just grocery prices, those went up even higher, right around 12%. It's not looking good.

What's the deal?

First off, inflation. Pretty much everything we're paying for in 2022 has gone up in price in some way shape or form, and food isn't impervious. Second, grocery chains are having a hard time finding the products they need, including:

  • Milk, due to tighter supplies from distributors
  • Egg prices have gone up because of an avian flu outbreak
  • Corn and wheat, which have been devastated by bad weather

Is there any relief on the horizon? Will we ever get back to some type of "normal" at checkout? Experts say that prices (most likely) will drop in the next six months. However, most of them don't forsee prices going back to where they were a year ago. Meaning that we'll be paying less than we are now, but still more than we're used to.

How's your grocery bill faring in 2022? Let's discuss on Facebook and see if things are truly this grim across the entire state.

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