With the Fourth of July coming up in just a matter of days, everyone is making plans to get out there and do something. What do you have on your docket? A trip to McCall, some patio dining or drinks, and even some local firework shows are all popular answers right about now.

The folks over at Zoo Boise have plenty of weekend plans-- with temperatures rising, they have animals to protect as well.


Sure, it's hot out there-- but that cant curb a very important birthday celebration that is one for the record books!

Elvis the monkey is turning 6 years-old and Mr. Mac the tortoise is turning ONE HUNDRED YEARS OLD! 



There is going to be a little something for everyone at the event like costume contests, activities, games, vendors, food trucks and more!

Interested in taking a look at all of the animals that you can meet at Zoo Boise? Check out the list, below: 

Animals You Can See Now At Zoo Boise

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