It seems like gender reveal parties are getting more and more popular. Every time I log onto Facebook or Instagram (that is, it the apps are actually up and running) I seem to see a gender reveal.  Be it a funny clip or a friend that I grew up with having a child (yes, I'm at that age now where everyone is having their first born and it's super crazy to's fine, I've still got a cat. I've been even more impressed with how creative people get with these things! Balloons filled with colored glitter, giant boxes filled with colored balloons...even some funny ones that involve nobody knowing what color they're looking at!

This, however, has to be a first. A gender reveal party for: an anteater!

Gloria, who is an anteater at Zoo Boise, has given birth to a new little baby anteater! I've never seen a baby anteater before but from what Zoo Boise has provided, it's totally adorable...and what a huge tongue!

The little creature weighed about two-pounds and there's a big gender reveal party happening on Saturday at Zoo Boise at 3:00 p.m.

If anteaters are a thing...then this event is a must! Who knows, maybe they'll let you name the little thing (I mean, probably not...but I bet they're open to suggestions!).

See the photo for yourself, HERE.


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