Waking up on a Sunday morning after a long weekend out in downtown Boise can be somewhat brutal. If there’s one thing that can cure that Sunday morning hangover it’s a big old breakfast burrito. Who would’ve thought that some of the best breakfast burritos in the country would be in Boise, Idaho there’s no shortage of great ones in Boise so here are the best spots to go to according to Yelp.

Best Boise Breakfast Burritos

Try one or try them all!

Gallery Credit: Shannon Buccola

  • Trailside Bakery Cafe
  • El Chavo Taqueria
  • Taqueria Sol de Jalisco
  • Certified Kitchen + Bakery
  • Egg Mann and Earl
  • Sarah’s Bagel Cafe Idaho
  • California Mexican Food
  • Lorena’s Mexican Grill
  • Nato’s Taqueria Mexican Food
  • Carnicerea Coalcoman

All of these uniquely Idaho food joints are according to Yelp the best places to get breakfast burritos. From restaurants to food trucks, the variety of breakfast burrito places certainly isn’t lacking. While you would be satisfied ordering from any of these top-notch places if you’re feeling really hungry you could even try one from each. We’d want to hear if you think the Yelp ranking was correct and how you’d order these restaurants in order of breakfast burrito ranking.

Take a look at their top-notch menus because there’s a little something for everyone and you never know what may entice you. There’s a little something for everyone even if you have some picky eaters you’re ordering for and a breakfast burrito isn’t what they’re craving. While they’re burritos are top notch so is all of their other food.

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