Well, this can be a challenge. The city is shut down, nobody is permitted to hang out with each other and the worst part is people are losing lives. This coronavirus is nothing to mess with and now we have to keep our kids entertained.

I'll be honest when I said there was no way I'd let my kids playing on devices. Don't even think about staying on any screens little man! I'm a good dad 😡

That lasted for I have not idea because our son is 5 years old and our daughter is a little over 1. Yea, I failed my own advice because it was apparent that my kids would soon be on one. It's so funny now because what's the big deal right? I think screen time is like anything else. It's just how they use it and how much time they spend on it. I love apps like ABC Mouse because they get to learn while playing and it's also important to remember they're going to grow up different. Technology will be different and it's time we all got on board with that.

Let's say you're feeling guilty though and need some other ideas. There is no doubt that Instagram and Pinterest can help do the trick but I wanted to list a few more. Enjoy!

  1. Hide & Seek
  2. Go outside
  3. Build anything with Legos
  4. Duh! Play-Doh
  5. Play with your sister if you have one
  6. Play with your toys
  7. Not listen to mom or dad (that is dad's answer)
  8. Cooking with mommy because it's so fun or like my son said, "cooking lessons"
  9. Playing with dad
  10. Playing with marbles
  11. Just added: eating in my room
  12. Inside scavenger hunts
  13. Card games like Uno and Old Maid
  14. Puzzles (be careful though. They take forever!!!!)
  15. Writing Letter which is such great learning and gets them off screens
  16. Sidewalk Chalk - Great way for amazing messages
  17. Picnics on the grass
  18. Looking for worms
  19. Shadow Tracing
  20. Wash the cars
  21. Planting anything in the garden
  22. Face Painting
  23. Marshmallow roast
  24. Dance Party
  25. Bike Ride

Need more? I've posted a link below.


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