Do you get this same feeling when you're out exploring Idaho:

...why aren't there more people here?

We've had that same thought, and we're pondering if Idaho would be a better place if more people decided to move here. Want to know how? We've got the solution!

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So, what could we do here in Idaho to get more people to relocate here? We've got some pretty solid ideas that we feel could bring an influx of new people to Idaho!

Here's what we came up with so far:

  • Free scooter rentals in downtown Boise for everyone. But you have to wear a hot-pink helmet with a mohawk while riding it.
  • Every time someone from out of state makes a potato joke toward you, they have to pay you $10. In cash.
  • Customizable billboards over the Table Rock Cross so you can promote your new business that you just launched in Idaho!
  • A NHL, NBA, NFL, and MLB team all come to Idaho. They all get huge, brand new stadiums. Every Idahoan gets a cut of the ticket sales. We all become rich.

What do you think? Does Idaho need more people moving here, or are we in our "Sorry, we're full. But good luck!" era right now?

Let's connect and see what your side of the story is. Just make sure you bring that $10 in cash if you want to spring a terrible potato joke. We weren't joking about that part.


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