There are few professions more impactful in society than an educator. When we think back to our own youth--which teachers come to mind? Certainly there is one that stands out because of the way that he or she believed in you, supported you, or helped you overcome that one hurdle--be it educational or personal.

Teachers do a lot and frankly--don't get thanked enough.

The good folks at ExtraMile Arena have stepped up in a big way for our local coaches, educators, administrators, and all involved in developing and education local youth!

May is National Teacher Appreciation Month (and rightly so, given it's the end of a school year that was certainly a lot of work) and to celebrate, the arena on Boise State's campus is now offering a chance for these influential people to win big! How fun!

Whether you're a student, a parent, or an alum--now is your chance to fill out a quick form and let ExtraMile Arena know who your best teacher is and why they deserve some really special recognition.

Ready to nominate a teacher, coach, or educator that you love!? Tap in, below!

For more on the contest, check out the official Instagram post below: 


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