On March 21st, Kekeluv celebrated single parents across the Treasure Valley on National Single Parent Day. The outpouring of love for the single moms in the Treasure Valley was amazing.

Keke got messages from dad's recognizing their ex-wives for being incredible role models for their daughters and taking them to all the best adventures in the Treasure Valley like going to Boise Music Festival, skiing, Roaring Springs, etc.  Others told us about their siblings who had some pretty dramatic pasts, but manage to hold it together so that their kids will never know what it's like to have to want in the world. And other single mommas are just happy that they have time to squeeze in a shower while the five kiddos are sleeping.

Several of my best friends are single moms and I am in awe of how they can keep together between finishing their education, landing jobs that are starting careers (and not just giving them a paycheck) all while making sure their littles are cared for!

That's why this Mother's Day, we want to take some time to recognize these super hero mommas and reward them with some beautiful flowers!

$50 in ProFlowers for Mom

Michelle Heat/TSM Boise
Michelle Heat/TSM Boise

Are you or your mom, sister, aunt, etc one of these incredible women that we're talking about? Fill out the form below and tell us a little bit about what makes them an incredible mom! We'll pick one mom each day this week leading up to Mother's Day and show them our appreciation with $50 toward some absolutely beautiful flowers from ProFlowers!



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