Single Parents get celebrated after thousands of Idahoans say thank you online. Today is National Single Parent Day and some amazing stories are being shared. Check out these great moms and dads.

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I posted about National Single Parent today and never realized I would have gotten flooded with messages from so many people touched. I've had the great pleasure of meeting all types of people in unique situations. It's great to get a different perspective on life because we typically grade things on personal experience. We can fall inside this fishbowl and think that life should be a certain way.

NEWSFLASH: Life isn't what you think and it can be very unforgiving. Tragedy strikes, your heart breaks, and the rest of what you thought your future would be - just changed. What now? The hardest part of being the single parent is picking up the pieces. You get stuck answering all the questions, it's your responsibility to do things you never did, and your life just got real complicated.

I could give you so many different directions to turn when emotionally coming to a breaking point. I could suggest songs, movies, and quotes. Those things are great, but nobody will ever understand like a single parent will. I've listed some posts that might make you feel closer to not being alone and who knows - you might recognize yourself in one of these.

I'll start with the most powerful message because it came directly to me from the ex of the single mother. The entire Kiss staff knows this mom and he's definitely right. Stephanie is not just an amazing mother, but a great person. We love her too!

Steph and the girls at Boise Music Festival

I would like to recognize and amazing single parent, the mother of my two beautiful daughters, Stephanie Ledwich.  I could not ask for a better role model to raise my daughters!

Stephanie is such a caring woman, and that is amplified when it comes to be a parent.  She is involved and engaged in all areas of my daughters lives.  She is an amazing chauffeur-star for the trips to the dance academy and all the rehearsals for theater, which is very appreciated.

Boise music festival, skiing, Roaring Springs, you name it and she has making a day and taken our girls for great adventures.  It is not only the fun, she is a teacher for our girls, not just lessons for the classroom but in and for life. 

I have not made the greatest choices at times in my life, but having a family, and we still are just not under one roof, with Stephanie and sharing in the raising (mostly her) of two wonderful girls is the blessing of my life.  She is a hero-mom, and a great friend.


Hi Keke luv, I love that your celebrating national single parent day! This is my older sister Aly and her son Koda. She has gone through a horrific past year and still managed to keep it together and do an amazing job of taking care of this beautiful little boy I am so happy to call my nephew and she's managed to do that all well going from a size 16 down to a size 3! I am so proud of my sister and I will continue to look up to her, forever and always, Thank you, Anjuli Hansen.



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