The Olympics came in with a slow buzz, ignited after Shaun White's miraculous gold medial run to some disappointments in figure skating, to a few surprise wins down the stretch. We also learned about a new up and coming female that stole our hearts on her snowboard, Chloe Kim who was unstoppable 🏂

Team 🇺🇸 might have started out slow and felt like we went forever without grabbing any medals. It didn't end that way as our men and women rocking the red, white, and blue took home 23 medals ranking #4.

This year's Winter Olympics gave us some Idahoan pride to cheer for which gave us good reason to constantly check our apps for updates. Shaun White's gold medal run was just ridiculous coming down to the last ride of the night where he almost scores perfectly.

We got to watch the American's dazzle us in figure skating and witness history-making moves on the ice. It felt like there wasn't going to be many medals after snowboarding and figure skating teams for the Americans finished up. We got to see Lindsey Vonn and Mikaela Shiffrin grab the spotlight with Alpin Skiing for a few. It felt like a week went by till we got to the finale.

That's when we saw the first ever curling gold medal come to Team USA, the women won gold in hockey, and we took home a total of 9 gold medals, 8 silver medals, and 6 bronze medals. We all want to win but just the invitation to represent our country is an honor in itself. So proud watching and if you missed it, I put together a gallery below from some of our photographers at the Olympics. Enjoy


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