The weeks following the Olympic Games are somewhat missing something. I watched specific events but it became part of our daily routine that also felt like a reality-style storyline. Then, it's over.

The USA Soccer team went out pretty quick in the Olympics which was kind of a bummer. This weekend we'll get to see another USA team in the arena world of soccer as they take on Mexico Friday night.

United States v Jamaica: Quarterfinals -2021 CONCACAF Gold Cup
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International Arena Soccer Friday Night In Boise with USA Vs Mexico

This is a very rare opportunity for Boise to witness this international match-up on Friday night as USA battles Mexico. This will be their third match in three years with split outcomes. USA took their first meeting with Mexico taking the second. I guess could call this a tiebreaker.

Team USA introduces us to Arena-style soccer beating Brazil in 2017 and taking home championships in International competitions. This USA team is no joke and we'll see it play out Friday night at Idaho Central Arena (formerly CenturyLink Arena) in Downtown Boise.

COVID-19 Regulations: This might be a line in every article surrounding events due to the current COVID climate. What about masks and vaccinations? Business as usual after speaking with the ticket office. The arena requests you to wear masks, but this isn't mandatory.

Arena Soccer Game, Tickets and Prices

  • Idaho Central Arena in Downtown Boise
  • Doors Open 6;30 p.m.
  • The game Starts at 7:00 p.m.
  • Prices: Premiere $50, P1 $35, P2 $30, P3 $25
  • Tickets and suites are available online here.

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