Oh, hey, you there! Yes, you!

Did ya hear? Those Kansas City Chiefs won yet another football game last night!

And were viewers exposed to numerous cutaway shots to Taylor Swift in the audience watching the game? You can bet your bottom dollar they were!

If you're getting sick of that scenario playing over and over every weekend while you're trying to watch the game, take solace. There is yet hope for you, oh ye of little faith.

Here's the good news: You absolutely do not need to be forced to sit and contend with camera shots of Taylor Swift while you're simply trying to enjoy a good ol' football game. While other fans will continue to sit and stare and yell at Taylor on their TV, you're about to become privy to four proven ways you can avoid ever seeing Taylor Swift on your TV ever again (at least during a football game).

Here we go:

How To Avoid Seeing Taylor Swift On Your TV During Football Games

While other fans will have to sit and suffer through yet another cutaway shot, with these secrets, you'll be enjoying the game sans-Swift!

Gallery Credit: Chris Cruise // Townsquare Media



While we're on the topic, do you think Boise could even physically handle an actually live Taylor Swift concert in 2024? Like, do we even have the infrastructure to pull that off?

Could Boise Handle A Taylor Swift Concert In 2024?

Taylor hasn't been here for a concert since 2009. We live in a different time now. If Taylor Swift performed a concert in Boise, would the city even be able to contain it?

Gallery Credit: Chris Cruise // Townsquare Media

One more thing. If you really do hate Taylor Swift, and you don't want her to even entertain the idea of performing in Idaho ever again, then there's some folks online who you may want to link up with. They share a similar viewpoint to your own, and you're going to want to be sure to connect with them.


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