We're pretty lucky to be on the receiving end of some pretty cool concerts in the Boise area. Boise Music Festival. Treefort Music Festival. The music scene in Boise is popping, and you've got options!

But, what if you're looking to enjoy a show that's on a...larger scale?

It's been brought up dozens of times on our page as of late, but could Boise actually handle a Taylor Swift concert in 2024? Meaning, could the infrastructure of the City of Trees be up to containing that many fans at once singular venue at the same time?

Could Boise Handle A Taylor Swift Concert In 2024?

Taylor hasn't been here for a concert since 2009. We live in a different time now. If Taylor Swift performed a concert in Boise, would the city even be able to contain it?

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So what do you think? If Taylor Swift were to perform in concert in Boise in 2024, what would it be like? Good time for all? Disaster for the entire city? Curious on what your take is.


If you do want to see Taylor in concert in Idaho's capitol city, there's actually a petition online that fans have created hoping to get Tay Tay to returnturn to Idaho. Considering she hasn't performed here since 2009, maybe there's a chance?

Now, if you're one of those Taylor haters who just loathes the idea of Taylor performing a concert in the same state as you, don't worry, there's a link for you too.

If you're thinking "who cares?" just know that a lot of fans do. Taylor Swift hasn't performed a single concert in Idaho in over a decade, and they are clamoring.

Here's the sad part: If Taylor does decide to perform in Idaho, she'll have to find a new place to eat.


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