The name Ammon Bundy, no matter your political affiliation, has to ring a bell. He's the guy from the standoff in Oregon several years ago--and most recently, the guy that was wheeled out of the Idaho State Capitol by Idaho State Police troopers for refusing to leave. Bundy ran for governor and continues to make political and ideological noise--whether you agree with him or not.

In the news a lot lately, Bundy's next "thing" is a lawsuit with St. Luke's--all stemming from protests he and his 'followers' organized outside of the hospital, which eventually turned into major security risks.

Now the drama is over Bundy refusing to accept court papers from law enforcement officials trying to serve him--and law enforcement saying he's so unhinged, they're tired of trying with him and there could be potential security risks with trying to serve him over and over.

Bundy claims that he just wants to be left alone--he also doesn't want law enforcement on his property.

Bundy, not long ago, was leading protests with his followers outside of law enforcement and election officials' homes.

Pot, meet kettle?

We understand that getting to Ammon Bundy hasn't been easy for law enforcement, so we have created a list of ways that some may consider to be 'unconventional' for serving him. Let's take a look!

Serving Ammon Bundy Could Be Easier With These Methods

Nothing with Ammon Bundy has ever been easy--now, authorities are getting tired of trying to serve him legal documents because he won't accept them. So much for law and order? Here is a few ideas that might make serving him easier!

Do you think that any of these could work!? 

There's no denying that some of these are great ideas. We really like the Santa idea, ourselves.

Ammon Bundy for Governor Event

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