Who doesn’t love some good southern food? Or should I say … soul food?

I’m talkin’ cast-iron skillets, grits, cornbread, and the best, most mouthwatering pull-apart meat you’ve ever had in your life.

Obviously, Idaho isn’t in “The South” like Alabama, Louisiana, Tennessee, or Texas, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy some of that amazing food.

Fortunately for us Idahoans, there are dozens of restaurants in the Boise area (Treasure Valley) that serve some of the best soul food we can possibly get our hands on.

Here are 5 of the Greatest Restaurants for Southern Food in the Boise Area – and I didn't just pull from my own experiences and opinions, I also checked out a bunch of Google and Yelp reviews ... and y'all have nothing but amazing things to say about these places.

5 Greatest Restaurants for Southern Food in the Boise Area

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