I discovered on the show this morning that my co-host, Kat Fisher suffers from a disorder that you might not have known exists. Do you find yourself falling in and out of love? Constantly? Can't choose the right person in your life? Read on playa.

I've decided to come up with a few options to help diagnose your issue. These are like scenarios for you check 3 of the 6 listed - you might just have Emotional Immaturity Syndrome (EIS)

  • Do you fall in love after two dates, but hate that person after four? You might have EIS.
  • Do you often can't down the moment till you can reconnect with your 30 something friends to relive your 20 something? You might have EIS.
  • Do mad get mad when someone doesn't give you enough attention, but bail when you start getting too much? You might just have EIS.
  • Mad because he hasn't text you in 37 minutes but he's on Instagram right now, Girl you got EIS.
  • Went on your third date with "pooky" and you just realized he's still on Tinder...whille YOU were swiping on TINDER? Girl, you got the worst case of EIS.
  • Bonus Scenario: Camped out in his bushes by the front door with a former (EIS) BFF because he cut your date early? Girl you in the front row!

You might be asking yourself, "Please Dr. Luv, how can I fix this and move on with my life?" You're in luck because I have a few prescriptions to prescribe for you. Follow these steps and you might just be able to beat this terrible syndrome.

  • You have to be ready to not take this ish so serious! Dating is supposed to be fun but we complicate it by automatically moving our pieces to their front door. I'm speaking about luggage. Girl you have already moved in. Slow your roll and relax. This isn't a race, it's a marathon.
  • Don't be scared of the good guy. Isn't that what you want? Oh no, it's not. You want that bad boy right? ❌Wrong! You want the good one but you're just not ready for him. Accept the terms of EIS and you can control these urges for perfection that your about to mess up. Just keepin' it real sista. Just keepin' real.
  • If you're following him places or checking up on bae - Girl he's gotta go! Eject! Run. Leave. Bounce. ✌️Look, you can't live like that and if you have those distrust issues right now, they will never go away 🙏
  • Don't worry about being single at any certain age. Frustrated at 25 because all of your friends are married or hitched with multiple kids at 32? Get your life. It doesn't matter. Don't rush it. I always use this dude's scenario. Guys will always say this, "Bro, it's only when I have a girlfriend or a wife that girls are all up on me. Why doesn't that ever  happen when I'm single?" Let me answer that for you Mr. role model. It's because you're NOT BEING A DOUCHE! Don't be so focused on your second half and spend more time with you. Lemme quote Justin Bieber, "Love Yourself."

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