dear keke and kat

Dear Keke and Kat: Taking Advantage of my Kindness?!
Most of us are totally fine with doing favors for a friend or family member and more than happy and willing to help someone out when they are down and out. But what happens when that family member or friend is actually taking advantage of your kindness? What do you do?!

Dear Keke and Kat: GF Is Addicted to Social Media
Social media has its pros and cons. And a major con is being constantly on it. There's always notifications popping up. A tag. A like. A comment. A new follower. They make it easy to find reasons to keep hitting that app and spending more time. One of our listeners is having a problem with his …
Dear Keke and Kat: BF Dumped Me to Date My Ex
I'd be upset as well, but calling them out won't probably do anything for him other than making him feel validated in the moment. Knowing that you'll see them, maybe have something planned that will give you the upper hand and not look petty. Because having the upper hand at the end o…
Dear Keke and Kat: Terrible Roommate
Outside of co-habitating with a couple different boyfriends, I've never had a roommate. I love my own space way too much, plus have two cats that I treat as my daughters and wouldn't trust someone else to not shut the front door or close the toilet lid and suddenly they'd be in the st…
Dear Keke and Kat: Found Out My GF Has Secret Job
One thing is right, she's definitely not cheating. Maybe she didn't know how he would react and that's why she kept it a secret. I don't know how I'd feel if I came across a secret like this. It would be hard to get over. Has anyone kept a secret this big from you?

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