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McCall is the perfect destination for this years 4th of July. Some of my best 4th memories have taken place in that city, before and after the "ban" on North Beach. Speaking of, it's important to note the "ban" only takes place on North Beach. McCall has not banned liquor. If your planning on making the super short drive up north, here are some things you can do when you arrive.

1 Have a drink at the Yacht Club.

The Yacht Club is the perfect place to go to watch the fireworks and have a drink. The view is perfect sitting right on the shores of Payette Lake. Of course, I'll be bringing the turntables up to DJ the holiday.

2 Watersports. 

McCall is located right on the shores of Payette Lake so weather your BYOB (Bring Your Own Boat) or rent one from Cheap Thrills. There's endless fun to be had during the day in preparation for the fireworks at night.

3. Spa.

McCall is home to a few of the best spas in the state of Idaho. Get pampered while your relax on the holiday weekend.

4. Hot Springs

McCall and the surrounding area is home to a few hot springs including Gold Fork Hot Springs, Burgdorf Hot Springs and Zim's Hot Springs.

5. Eat 

There are a few hidden gems in the city of McCall. The best being The Anchor and My Fathers Place.



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