If you want to be sneaky here are ways to bring your own food to the movies

1. First, never sneak Taco's from MI Pueblo Mexican Restaurant into the theater. Of course they smell delicious, but that is the problem, everyone will get a wiff of them and you will be busted.

2. It is hard to find Vernors soda in theaters, so if you are a Michigander that loves it, you will want to bring your own. The issue is when you crack open the can or bottle everyone will hear it. To scoot around that issue simply transfer the soda to a water bottle before the show and store it in your purse.

3. Who doesn't love ice cream while watching a great flick. If you stop over at Frosty Boy they will put your treat in a styrofoam cup with a lid so you can easily hide the Husdsonville ice cream under a sweatshirt.

4. Never eat the food you snuck into the theater in front of an usher or any other employee. I am not entirely sure what they would do, but lets be real, no one wants to be busted.

5. If you desire to bring your own popcorn, just put the Better Made cheesy popcorn in a ziploc bag and tuck the bag under your shirt.

Enjoy the movie and your treats from home!


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