Most of us are guilty of Zillow surfing homes that we'll never be able to afford in Idaho. If you always sort your search by "highest price" you may have missed out on seeing some really unique properties in Idaho! 

Robert Millage/Kamiah Properties
Robert Millage/Kamiah Properties

If you're simply looking for multi-million dollar homes, only two of these eyebrow raising homes would show up in your results. Don't get us wrong, they're pretty cool. One is only accessible by driving over a fairly extensive suspension bridge. The other is has its own climbing wall and zip line.

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But if you haven't gathered by now, our staff likes to nerd out over strange, historic and abandoned things in Idaho. That's why we went down a rabbit hole to find some of the wildest and wackiest properties on the market in Idaho in May 2022.

Our search turned up a haunted hotel, a church in desperate need of a makeover and a handful of abandoned schools. Want to look inside? Here's what we found!

7 of the Wildest and Wackiest Properties You Can Buy in Idaho Right Now

In May 2022, these were some of the most unique homes on the market in Idaho!

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The Roosevelt Inn is currently owned by John and Tina Hough (yes, Derek and Julianne Hough's aunt and uncle.) They're hoping to sell it as a home or bed and breakfast so they can retire to Texas before John's 65th Birthday.

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