As Idahoans, we are a proud people. We love the lifestyle, scenery, and pretty much everything about the Gem State.

If you aren't from Idaho, some of the things we see as normal can be a little odd.

Here's seven things that we do in Idaho that outsiders can't quite seem to grasp.

  • We Play Football on a Blue Field

    To us, playing on the blue is a way of life. Boise State is world famous for Albertsons Stadium's blue turf. Trying to explain this to a green-turfer (we just made that term up for anyone who's football team plays on boring old green grass) can be a long endeavor.

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  • The Potato Drop

    New York City can keep their big stupid ball. We're Idaho, we drop a giant potato on New Years Eve! Seriously, find someone who doesn't laugh when you tell them that.

  • Ranch With Your Pizza is a Must

    Seriously, what are you doing with your life if you don't dip your pizza in ranch dressing? Any proper Idaho pizzeria will offer a side of ranch with your 'za.

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  • Lifted Trucks

    You can't escape it. Drive a few miles outside of Boise and you're bound to spot a truck that you can literally walk under.

  • We Genuinely Enjoy Talking to People

    Talking to a person you're not familiar with can be difficult, but not for us Idahoans. We love to make a friend out of a stranger! There's a reason they say the people from Boise are friendly. We truly are. It's contagious.

  • Instagramming Everything Idaho

    If it's Freak Alley, Table Rock, or Bogus Basin, we love to take photos of our gorgeous state. Most Instagram accounts stay pretty bland, but you know you're seeing some of the best scenery America has to offer with an Idaho Insta account.

  • Idaho Gives Like Crazy

    Idaho is ranked as one of the most giving states in the country when it comes to giving to charity and volunteering. We love our state, want to take care of her, and all the people who live here.