Idaho is booming with newcomers but within the next ten years, Idaho could be booming with an entirely new city. Essentially this is a city built from scratch in the American desert. It's a city that you've only ever dreamt of or have seen in a futuristic sci-fi movie. The Billionaire behind the "new city in America" describes it as, the "most open, most fair and most inclusive city in the world."

Telosa - is the name that Billionaire Marc Lore is giving to the sustainable, utopian metropolis that is only but a vision at this point. Until an extra $400 billion is made available in funding, it will stay that way.

However, Lore has already outlined this vision to include eco-friendly architecture, sustainable energy production, and a purportedly drought-resistant water system across 150,000 acres of land. It'll be home to 5-million people and will follow a "15-minute city design" in which residents would be able to access their workplaces, schools, and amenities all within a 15-minute commute. Sounds perfect, right? That's the point.

Images shared by Lore and the world-famous architect appointed to design it, reveal residential buildings covered with greenery. Fossil-fuel-powered vehicles will also be banned in the city, as evident by the autonomous vehicles pictured in the images.

Marc Lore is a former Walmart executive. The creation of Telosa is sort of like a retirement project from him. Plans for the metropolis were unveiled last week. Idaho isn't the only location being scouted; Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Texas, and the Appalachian region, are all possible locations as well. The planners hope Telosa will reach its target population of 5 million within 40 years.

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