Trying to score a date for Valentine's Day this year?

It's easy to do, and almost no women know the secret.

A Redditor found a way to hack the coding of Tinder, so he could message multiple women at the same time. Aside from how creepy that sounds, he actually discovered something pretty fascinating. After going on dates with 150 girls, here's what he found out:

In my sample of 150, not once did a girl take the initiative, pick a place, and invite me. I’m told it’s fear of appearing desperate, but f*** that! Own your life, don’t let someone drive it for you.

So, could the answer for women to find a date be as simple as...ask the guy out? Plan a date? Sounds like it! Worth a shot, right?

Have you already run into that special someone, but now you're trying to track them down to ask them out? Maybe that special someone is waiting on Boise Craigslist.


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