Have you ever broken the law and jumped a red light because there was nobody around? What about those times where it doesn't detect you and you waste 10 minutes fuming because the light is stuck on red? Wouldn't it be nice if the law gave you "free to pass" rights in those situations?

This could be coming to Idaho very soon thanks to our friends from Utah. A bill just passed through the state's House of Representatives this week to give drivers the right to run in certain situations.

This bill that just passed according to Salt Lake City's News Channel 2 KUTV, the bill was just moved up on a vote of 39-34 that would give the motorist the right to run a red light in low traffic situations. This doesn't mean you could just roll up and go through. I doubt you'll ever see the red light turned into a yield option. This is for severely, light traffic situations. Here's how it works.

  • House Bill 151 would allow drivers to go through a red light if they are waiting on a highway with a speed limit of 55 miles per hour or lower, during "extremely low traffic levels.
  • Drivers must stop at the light for at least 90 seconds before driving through the red light.
  • Drivers are also responsible to decide whether it's safe and no other drivers are in the path to proceed.
  • Drivers would also be responsible for determining the safety of pedestrians. You would not be permitted to pass through a red light if pedestrians were attempting to cross.

This bill was approved to move up to the Senate for a vote, if passed, this could open up the door for other states like Idaho to proceed. This would especially be great for those late nights where you don't want to be sitting at a red light by yourself waiting. That can also be a dangerous concern. Until then, better keep it, legit people!

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