By now you have most likely heard about what has been happening this week with the protests at St. Luke's. If you would like more background on the situation check out Kevin Miller’s article from Sunday when the protests started here. The protests have been every day at St. Luke's in Downtown Boise since Sunday. This is not a news attempt on the protests and what happened to cause them. This is a mothers plea to the protesters. My 8 year old boy had an EEG appointment right in the thick of the protests. We could not get parking and an already very scary situation for my son was suddenly turned even more scary for him with loads of people yelling and hollering and shaking signs at us as we tried to pull in.

Blocking a hospital and forcing them to close for any period of time may have seemed like a short lived victory but in the big picture, caused many hurt, suffering and already stressed out families more grief, hurt, suffering and stress. I am not telling you not to protest, truly, you do what you feel you need to, but really, why put people and children that are completely unrelated to the situation in potential danger by causing chaos and not allowing them to be seen? My mom had many sayings that as a kid frustrated me but one sticks out in my mind in this situation, two wrongs don’t make a right. Please find another way or another place to protest, you are hurting people that have nothing to do with any of it in this process.

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