What would you do if you won $430 million dollars by playing Powerball? I think when talking about that kind of money it's important to add the rest of the $$$. For instance, $430,000,000. That looks much more presentable in your bank account. Doesn't that just make you feel better looking at it that way? This is the week where your friends who may have NEVER bought a Powerball ticket, rush to the store holding up the line. We all do this and it's time we make this Powerball ours. Positive thinking yo!

There is nothing more frustrating than looking at your ticket to find out - nothing matched. Well, I did some investigating and found two common denominators to winning. Go ahead and add the new Powerball ticket sleeves for better luck. They're free!

Your Name: Michelle Heart did a post last year about the most winning names. This means if your name is STEVE, chances are you won't win. Let's be honest John, Tom, Lisa, Michael, Joseph, Paul, Anthony, Maria, and Dave, you DO have the most common winning first names based upon the last 13 years. Good for you. Can I get a Kekeluv? I bet Michelle just took the top winning names and did a tally system. It's time to break this system!

Hit the big $430,000,000 payday and you could buy an order of Boise Fry Company's best for every person in Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Utah, Colorado, Texas, and California. EVERY PERSON!

Go ahead and pick a birth date, lucky number, jersey number, child's age or anything that puts that positive energy into the atmosphere. First, you need faith, BOKAY! Let's just a mathematical angle on winning. Let's choose the most overdue numbers and try there. Have you ever played roulette? You pick red, red, red, and then assume it's time for black. You switch to black and win. You play the odds. Could be your gut. I will list the top 15 most overdue numbers and you can mix and match however you want. Maybe this is a sign to you, the person that never plays. Could this be your answer????

I got these numbers from lottonumbers.com and use at your own risk. If you don't win you can't roll up and be savage about wanting your dollar back. You're on your own! Just make sure to cut a brotha in when you WIN

Here are the numbers and don't forget when drawings are:

#34 (306 days ago)

#06 (170 days ago)

#25 (149 days ago)

#27 (145 days ago)

#52 (117 days ago)

#15 (110 days ago)

#56 (96 days ago)

#31 (96 days ago)

#17 (93 days ago)

#55 (79 days ago)

#67 (79 days ago)

#39 (75 days ago)

#03 (72 days ago)

#41 (72 days ago)

#38 (65 days ago)

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