I've decided to enlist Idahoans in to our recently created millionaires club. Mega Millions is $454 Million dollars and we're splitting it up. I've listed the ticket and numbers -  drawing is tonight. GOOD LUCK to US!

We've figured each of us would take home $10 million a piece if we hit the Mega Millions jackpot tonight. The ONLY rule is you have to donate $1 million to a charity of your choice. Here's our current list of people on the money list:

  1. Sergio O.
  2. Michelle E.
  3. Alexandra H.
  4. Jessica S.
  5. Brittany G.
  6. Hannah H.
  7. Heather T.
  8. Jessica T.
  9. Hannah G.
  10. Kekeluv
  11. Michelle Heart
  12. Mateo
  13. Chris Cruise
  14. Tawsha Box
  15. DJ Complex
  16. Jennifer B.
  17. Patti C.
  18. Elena T.
  19. Heather H.
  20. Stacey S.
  21. Alex H.
  22. Eric C.
  23. Reynaldo G.
  24. Stephanie W.

Good Luck and here are the numbers.



















Some of us are taking this pretty SERIOUS. I'm just saying, I want to see the $$$$$$ first. Michelle heart on the other hand has just presented me with the first lifetime pass on her rollercoaster.




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