I can't even believe this story!  I'm sure it's just part of growing up in a Mountain State.

Being new to Boise, one of the things on my list to learn, is skiing.  I'm kind of scared to do it, but I figured I better get on board, because, what else do you do in the snow? LOL  I'm excited to learn and to ski, but I'm also pretty embarrassed that a 2 year old is already killing it on a snowboard!  Her name is Cash Rowley and she's ready for ski season on her snowboard.

Honestly, when I was 2 years old, I'm pretty sure I was only worried about what snack I was having and going to the potty! Idk, I'll have to ask my mom... but seriously, kids are doing so much more, at such a younger age.  If you want to feel like you're not being adventurous enough or you need more excitement, then you watching Crash snowboard is probably going to make you feel like you're wasting your life away, playing video games or Netflixing and Chilling too much!

Cash and her parents were there for the opening of Bogus Basin and to celebrate her 2nd birthday in style... Downhill!

Apparently this runs in the family as Cash's cousin started skiing at 18 months (WHAT???)

Ok, really, this family is ready for the Olympics.  Watch the Facebook post Cash's dad posted and then get yourself a snowboard and head over to Bogus Basin and don't be a lazy potato! Matt

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